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September is the month of redemption!

Many Eritreans view September as a national occasion, in which the armed struggle was announced under the leadership of the heroic martyr Hamid Idris Awati, but September is a month that brings together several occasions of redemption and sacrifice. September of the same year, the Battle of Aumal, and the fall of the first martyr in the armed struggle was the heroic martyr Abdo Muhammad Fayed. We cannot limit the roles and struggles of our people’s bleeding in a day or a month, but the month of September has its own peculiarity, as it includes the convoys of September. The martyred leader Muhammad Saeed Naud is one of the pillars of the Eritrean struggle, the founder of the Eritrean Liberation Movement 1958 AD, a writer and writer whose books contributed to providing the Arab reader with much information about the Eritrean struggle, which coincided on September 16, the date of his death. September was with the promise of leaders from the Liberation Army, they prayed and toured, but the hands of treachery and betrayal that were unable to confront them on the battlefields wanted to take revenge in hiding, so September was the share of the martyr leader Mahmoud according to the one whose memory we immortalized on the day of 9/3 and as in September the assassination of the hero martyr Idris Ibrahim Hengla, member of the Executive Committee and the security official in Kassala, in the hands of treachery, on September 20, 1985 AD. This heroic leader who joined the Liberation Army in 1966 and received a military course in 1968 AD. He took several qualification courses and field experience until he served as the commander of the 19th Brigade and was an example of loyalty and sacrifice until the day of his martyrdom at the hands of a sinner. From the bats of the Popular Front. The glorious September martyrs’ memorial day must be nourished by the spirit of sacrifice and loyalty and consider it a school that pushes and reminds today’s generation of the extent of the generations’ readiness to adhere to their homeland and lead the change that depends primarily on the youth.
Salute to the martyrs of September
Glory and eternity to our martyrs, the defeat and shame of the chauvinist dictatorship in Asmara.

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