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On the anniversary of Eritrea’s independence, the tyrant had no other choice but to talk about Corona!!!

Yesterday, Sunday, May 24, the dictator of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, addressed us on the occasion of the twenty-ninth anniversary of the liberation of Eritrea, with a word that can be called “a word on the occasion of Corona” and not independence, as the Corona pandemic took most of the word if not all, and to make it easier for us to understand what he said and why he resorted to Corona And take shelter in it without other topics? Why did he avoid delving into the topics of the hour that he was expected to deal with, such as the state of tension between him and Yanni Tigray?

To answer the questions and to read all the contents of his speech within its natural context and the objective circumstances surrounding it, we will go back a little to his television interview, which he conducted three months ago last February, in two stages, to “improve the mental image” in order to clarify the margin difference that was previously available to him, in that meeting He talked about the freedoms in Ethiopia and accused the ruling Ethiopian Revolutionary Front during the period of the Tigrayan rule of having narrowed the Ethiopians and that their regime was a minority regime and attacked the ethnic federal system of government. To the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (Al-Wayani) for not implementing the agreement and said that it would not stand idly by in the event of a conflict in Ethiopia and praised Abi Ahmed, describing the Council of Arab and African States bordering the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden as a forum for public relations and courtesies, as for Sudan and its previous government said that his regime was the first affected by it.

With a simple scrutiny of what he said in February, we will notice that most of what he said about Ethiopia was an attack on Al-Wayani and their experience in governance and their obstruction of peace, and in praise of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed. It was damaged by the rescue system, and it is clear that the issue of the Council of Arab and African States bordering the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden was to blackmail Saudi Arabia, and it was summoned and silenced, intimidated or tempted, we do not know! And as for the subject of his damage from the rescue, walking into it and repeating it will force others to take an inventory of its relationship with the rescue, and this will certainly harm him, so it is wise not to repeat it and he did, and therefore there was not originally a margin to maneuver in it except for the escalation with Al-Wayani as he did in February, except that this margin This time it has become very dangerous after the Wayani began to move on the ground by massing their army on the border and provoking Isaias with some violations by crossing the border into the Eritrean interior, and perhaps more detail in that became necessary to know why this margin became unavailable? This happened for three reasons, the first of which is that although the game of creating problems is a game that Isaias mastered and used a lot in escalation with all the neighboring countries and through it he exported all his internal problems outside Eritrea, but this time the escalation is not in his favor because it will serve his Weian opponents more than what it will serve him as he will provide them An internal unit that they desperately need, while this is not available to his regime because he has consumed that policy by repeatedly using it and has become exposed to the Eritrean people. Those who were recruited need training, as well as the army’s inclusion of the elderly from the reserve force (Aqour Sarawit), consisting of fighters from the stage of the liberation war, because of his knowledge of the weakness of his army, so he will not risk a battle with the more prepared Wayani than him. As for the third reason, his clashes with the Wayani have become a suitable ground for moving Weyani and part of the Aroma against Prime Minister Abi Ahmed, and this was resolved during Isaias’ recent visit to Addis Ababa at the beginning of this May, that Isaias stops escalation with Weyani, and Abi Ahmed takes care of that.

After this account of the blockage of the horizon in front of Isaias and the lack of any other margin to maneuver in it, we return to the starting question, why did Isaias choose the topic of Corona? In fact, Isaias chose to talk about Corona and focus on it to achieve three very important goals for him and his regime. The first is that his handling of Corona provides him with shedding more light on his imaginary victory in combating it and celebrating the declaration of Eritrea as a country free of it and he needs any victory, and we mentioned that it is an imaginary victory because it is not It is based on real examinations and statistics. In Eritrea, a person dies and has never met a general practitioner throughout his life. The second goal is to justify Eritrea’s transformation into a large prison whose residents are living in a state closer to a state of starvation due to the lack of basic materials and there is no hope for a solution to this problem. The borders are already closed by the Sudanese side and the state The Eritrean has no possibility to use its savings of dollars for imports, and the third and most important goal is to continue the campaign of donations, through which the money collected has reached fabulous numbers. to dry her udder.

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