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A delegation headed by the head of the Executive Office of the Eritrean Liberation Front meets with the membership of the North American and Canadian branches

A delegation headed by the militant Muhammad Ismail Hamed, head of the Executive Office, and the membership of the fighter Mahmoud Omar Abu Al-Hassan, head of the Department of Culture and Information in the Executive Office, met with the membership of the organization in North America and Canada, on Sunday, February 7, 2021 AD via the Zoom method.
The meeting was moderated by the militant Abdul Razzaq Karrar, the organization’s representative in Canada, and the militant Qabrhout Takhli (Abu Ashra), the organization’s representative in North America.

The fighter Muhammad Ismail touched on the overall organizational situation and what the national arena is going through internally and externally. And the rest of the various activities of the organization, and in his talk about the daily work and fighting the regime, he touched on the work plans that were laid down and the implementation of which began after the first periodic meeting of the Legislative Council broke up at the beginning of last year, pointing out that some issues remain of concern to the leadership and the specialized agencies whose results will appear in due course.
As for working with the forces of change, the meeting touched upon the dialogues that the organization conducts with various organizations and parties, especially those with which we have many common struggles. The rest of the national forces that make up it, in addition to our participation within the Council in the coordination of the Eritrean political forces, which has been going on for seven months.
The leader of the organization also touched on the regional situation and the Ethiopian civil war that erupted last November between the Ethiopian federal government and the Tigray regional government led by the Tograhi People’s Liberation Front. In the affairs of others, and from here, the organization condemns the interference of the Eritrean regime in it and the inclusion of our youth in the furnace of a war in which we have neither elegance nor camel, and demanded the exit of all foreign forces from Eritrean lands. The Ethiopian government is aware of its responsibilities imposed on it by the international agreements on the right of asylum by providing them with the necessary protection. He also affirmed the condemnation of the unarmed Ethiopian civilians in the fighting areas. The attendees affirmed their keenness to strengthen the role of the front and made recommendations confirming their interest in that, and demanded the continuation of holding such meetings.

In an intervention by the fighter Abul-Hassan, member of the Executive Office, responsible for the Department of Culture and Information, he emphasized what was stated in the speech of the head of the Executive Office of an adequate account of the overall events and developments that the organization and its activities are going through in particular and national issues in general, and he also referred to the modest media activity that he is doing. The organization and its role in the course of the national struggle by highlighting the various organizational activities on the one hand, and monitoring and exposing all the crimes, violations and arbitrary and inhumane violations practiced by the regime in their worst forms of humiliation, persecution, oppression, impoverishment and starvation against our defenseless people throughout the period of his rule on the other hand.
And the militant Muhammad Ismail Haditha concluded with the importance of the role of the members with the necessary and effective contributions in all activities in order to raise the capabilities of the organization to play its struggle role effectively and efficiently.

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